2021 Vintage Summary by Andrew Vesey

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Andrew Vesey checking the pinot noir bunch at the vineyard

2021 Vintage Summary by Andrew Vesey

Andrew Vesey shares his overall viewpoint as we finalize another uniquely challenging vintage 2021.

Expect zippy, floral, citrussy well balanced Rieslings, fragrant and grassy Sauvignon Blanc, minerality and fine aromas of nashi and stonefruit in Pinot Grigio, fleshy and textured Chardonnay with a fine acidity through the core, vibrant Shiraz, deeply coloured and structured Cabernet and elegantly lifted Pinot Noir.

The season posed some challenges with rain in early February followed by unseasonably cool temperatures delaying the start of the white harvest, although slowing everything down and allowing flavour to develop was the benefit in the end.

The rain and cooler temperatures gave reds a much-needed drink, allowed colour to intensify and the following warmer finish allowed them to maximise flavour expression.

In the end, vintage 2021 started late, finished early and across the board quality very, very good!





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