Introducing Castelli Estate new head winemaker

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Castelli new winemaker in the vineyard

Introducing Castelli Estate new head winemaker

Castelli Estate is excited to announce the addition of Andrew Vesey as our new head winemaker.

Our former winemaking magician, Mike Garland, has left to pursue his own personal project, however, while big shoes to fill, we’re confident Andrew is up to the task – he’s been responsible for some of the state’s top wines through his previous role.

The role of head winemaker is a lot like that of a head chef: from leading a team of fellow winemakers and cellar hands, to creating signature wines and styles, as well as the nitty-gritty of running a winery including all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes such as OH&S and compliance. It’s a big job! Our hunt for the perfect candidate took some time, we searched Australia wide, and as luck had it the perfect fit was found at a neighbouring winery a stone’s throw away in Mount Barker. Having a winemaker familiar with the region and fruit is always a big plus.


Andrew was first interested in wine when he was just a kid while his father worked as a wine rep. Following in his father’s footsteps, it was only natural for Andrew to start a career in retail liquor. However, with the family’s farming background and being involved in the production side of things seemed to be a much better fit for him. After graduating Bachelor of Applied Science in Viticulture and Winemaking Andrew has been involved with international wine production through France, Portugal, Italy and New Zealand. Always letting the grapes and vineyard speak for themselves while gently guiding the wine along its path to bottle to be the best it can be.


His favourite grape is Riesling hands down. “There is nowhere to hide with Riesling, its purity of fruit, acidity, length, spectrum of style from austere to floral, dry to off-dry to sweet. A technical wine to make that is unforgiving if you let your concentration lapse” …


After 20 years in the industry, Andrew is still mesmerised by the diversity of daily tasks between vineyard, winery, bottling and customer interaction. Still, it is the creativity, the focus and the ability to create something unique that brings people together that excites the winemaker.

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