Get a glimpse of Castelli new wine range

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Get a glimpse of Castelli new wine range

A regional twist on the same praised quality & affordability for Castelli’s new wine range.

When releasing a new wine range, winemakers are often consumed over every detail of the vinification process to create the perfect wine that expresses all the terroir’s glory.  However, all this work can be fruitless if the label design is not up to those standards.

The wine label for a new range needs to grab attention, spark intrigue, communicate important messages and drive purchasing decisions in minimal space. Choices of colour scheme, logos, typography and every element must be made for maximum impact. At the same time, all elements need to build continuity in the branding across products to ensure our bottles are linked together throughout.

We engaged Parallax Design to create a new unique & memorable label for an exciting addition to the Castelli range. Our new ‘regional series’ is set to focus on varieties or blends that excel outside our spiritual home of the Great Southern. This series’s initial offerings both hail from Margaret River, with a classic Sauvignon Blanc Semillon blend and a single varietal Cabernet Sauvignon on offer.

Fruit is sourced by our winemaking team to strict quality guidelines and then expressed directly to our winery in Denmark for crushing and fermentation.  As with all Castelli wines, attention is paid not only towards utmost quality but also offering value. These wines are designed for early drinking, and we expect they will offer some of the best drinking in the market at the price point.

It is planned that this range will evolve over time and not be limited to Margaret River or tied to any one wine style.

Parallax designed a minimalist wrap-around label with some high built screen to painted areas that resemble a fingerprint texture, translating the uniqueness of the regional terroirs as a background to the Castelli Crown logo, printed over bright white felt textured paper stock, elegant just like the wines it marks.

Stay tuned for release dates!

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