As winemakers say, great wines are made in the vineyard.
Ours come from several winegrowing areas in Southern WA, each one with its own strengths.

Denmark – Home Block Vineyard

With its mild summer and autumn and moderating ocean influence, this region is ideal for Pinot and Chardonnay. It is our major source for super premium sparkling wine production. With careful clonal selection we have also identified specific sites for our small batch Pinot Noir and il Liris Chardonnay.

The wine: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay


After having been identified by Dr. John Gladstones as a potential grape growing area, the first experimental plantings in Pemberton took root in the late 1970’s. Pemberton experiences mild growing conditions with good annual rainfall and abundant sunshine hours with a good scattering of the gravelly loam soils we’re looking for when it comes to sauvignon blanc.

We feel Pemberton is ideal for sauvignon blanc because it delivers bright fruit flavours and fine herbaceous notes without ever getting overtly grassy or unpleasantly sweaty. It also delivers the kind of fine and pure acid structure we want for our wine.

The wine: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Merlot

Mt Barker

Mt. Barker is the coolest of W.A.’s sub-regions, characterised by a continental climate and an average elevation of 300 metres. Early spring winds mean that the later flowering varieties, namely riesling and shiraz, are best suited to Mt. Barker and the long, cool growing seasons and ancient sandy, granitic soils create beautifully structured examples of these varieties.

The wine: Riesling

Frankland River

Frankland River lies at the historical heart of Great Southern. Its potential for the production of exceptional shiraz was first identified by Dr. John Gladstones and the early vineyards planted in response to his findings form the foundations of Great Southern as a wine region. It may be about as isolated as a wine region can be but it has one unique feature that makes the vigneron’s journey to this place very worthwhile: the ancient valley formed over millions of years by the flowing Frankland is ideal for viticulture.

In spring it acts almost like a funnel, reducing the threat of frosts by channeling cold air towards the Southern ocean and away from vulnerable vines. In summer the situation reverses, drawing cooler, more humid air inland to apply the brakes to rising afternoon temperatures and ensuring the long, slow ripening period that leads to full flavour development. The millions of years of river flow have also helped wear away the region’s bountiful granite to create the fine gravelly loam soils, known locally as marri, in which grape vines can excel.

The wine: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Semillon


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